Desire to solve problems. Passion to create great products and solutions.

I'm Victoria Pugh, a Philadelphia-based designer/developer creating products to make businesses better and customers happier. Technology evolves quickly every year and this can get confusing. I understand how digital projects will affect your company and customers and will work with you to help create a plan to reach your goals.

Working with you to make smart solutions.

I create user-centered digital solutions that are led by a understanding of your specific circumstance and executed with strategic intent and thorough research. These solutions go beyond simply visually appealing, they are effective and all encompassing. The services provided build enduring, engaging, and intuitive brands and products, making this a reliable option for consultation, design or development for your digital products.

Why I Do What I Do.

There are many poorly made websites and emails and I knew that I could be a force of change and turn the tide around. While many people would care about giving you only something pretty, I want to go deeper then that. I want to take clients farther by educating them and going beyond the visuals, enabling them to make informed decisions on their companies' future. Understanding how these products will help their businesses thrive and keep their customers happy and engaged.

Services Offered

Web Design & Development

I design and build websites that are responsive, fast, user-friendly, and accessible for many people. My sites are built with the user in mind and will be specific for your individual need. With the option of having a dedicated Content Management System (CMS), to keep any changes that need to be made on your own terms.

Email Marketing

I'm knowledgable about email best practices, etiquette and the legal consequences of not following rules (CAN-SPAM). I know the best procedures for email list creation, creating a list of customers happy to hear from your company; the best practices and sending procedures to not overload those reciepents; how to create a successful campaign; and learning what your customers really want.

Digital Consulting

Sometimes you just need advice/guidance on what your business could be doing better or what you path you should choose that's best for your business. I consult about websites from hosting and domain registration to direction on what platform you should be using (Squarespace, Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, etc). Anything in the digital realm that could affect your business I can answer.

People I've Worked With

PHH Mortgage, The American College of Physicians, Lenox Inc, Saint Joseph's University, AKA By Design, United Nations, AEGIS Communications, Dental Learning Systems.

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