Driven by curiosity to solve problems, a desire to understand clients, and to make better products.

We are curious to see what you want to make. From websites to email campaigns and anything digital in-between. We want to help make those dreams come true. If your feeling adventurous and want to do something new, we are always up for an adventure and challenge. Our mission is to make things better and make them with users in mind. These are things that work and get people to keep coming back.

We are partners & teachers. Together we work to create a solution that best suits your need. Teaching you what you need to do to take the plan and succeed. We can make something great for you but will also give you the strategy needed to continue and grow.

Who's Behind the Studio?

This studio is run by Victoria (Tori) Pugh, a designer, developer, and strategist.

She has years experience in the digital spectrum. Working from emails to website development to product creation. She does it all and keeps in mind the small details that make a big difference. Having endless patience and being a great teacher, she enjoys working with people who might need more explanation and walk-through to learn more about the fine details. Ideal clients are driven and ready to work towards their goal, they don't need to have a plan just be ready to make one.

Some quick points:

Worked for Medical and Pharma Companies

These fields are highly regulated and require great attention to detail. Your not making things to your clients standard but also their legal department. Finding that line between legal and fun is always tough, but rewarding.

Really <3 <3 (Loves) Emails

There's a term for people who really love emails, working with, designing, or developing. She is a #emailgeek. The desire to the craft creates great emails that work where your subscribers and customers are. Factors much more than how an email looks, there are more metrics than that.

Cares About the Whole Project

She wants to know how the whole project connects so she is making the most updated decisions. All the pieces are important when making a strategic decision. Striving to always get you what you want requires a good level of information about the future and current decisions.

Great Problem-Solver

She loves to hear your problems and work through them with you to create solutions. Some can be easy, others it can take longer. Finding a solution is one of her strong points.

Studio Values

Creating solutions that are led by a understanding of your specific circumstance and executed with strategic intent and thorough research. These solutions are effective and all encompassing, more than just visual.

Honesty & Transparency

The most integral part of the process is the relationship built with our clients. We work very hard to remain transparent and honest with ourselves and our clients. To cultivate this sense of trust. We are working together towards the same goals.

Design With Feeling

When we work on a project with a client, we know that the ultimate goal is to satisfy not just the client but also the end-user. Every step in the process is done with them in mind and always puts them first.

Individually Dedicated

We work with each client based on their own merit and give each all of our attention and care. Keeping this in mind we keep our, and your, expectations realistic. We work to keep the lines of communication open with you. We are dedicated to your success and it reflects in our work.

Eternally Passionate

We are doing what we love, solving problems and making solutions. We take great care to make everything to the best of out abilities. We look forward to working with like minded and driven individuals. Those filled with excitement and passion.

Studio Services

These services build enduring, engaging, and intuitive products, making this a reliable option for consultation, design, or development for your digital products.

Design Services

Design is more than making something look pretty, it's delving deep into what makes your business and/or product tick and how to communicate that to your customer base.

This starts, always, with research into you and your product. From there we use the research and work with you to decide what direction you want your branding/company to go. This includes getting into the specifics of your who is your target audience/users and how to best reach them.

Then it's a case of providing the best experience for your customers and a product that will grow your company. Not only making a beautiful experience but an easy, intuitive, rememberable one. Something that takes all the information we've obtained into account and puts the user first and foremost in the design.

Consultation | Creative Direction | Branding | Product Design | User Experience (UX) | User Interface (UI) | Interaction Design | Design Strategy

Development Services

For web development, the amount of tools to get any job done are near endless in this day-and-age. If required we don't mind working in your current setup or something specific you have in mind. Otherwise we strive to always use whatever tools are best suited for you and your business. We can let your update your site or if you want us to do that we can. There are many options and we love experimenting, are flexible and open to learning something new.

Email development is difficult with all the legal rules and regulations for sending to and maintaining peoples information. We are well versed in what you need to know, what you should and should not do, and how to best reach your customers and get them to engage with your emails.

Web Development | Content Management Systems (CMS) | Email Development | Email Campaigning | Wordpress

Ready to work together!?

If you have an exciting idea and are looking for a digital partner to bring it to life, let's talk! If you'd like to just chat, shoot us an email.

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